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Series 998 Garden Window

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Garden windows accent your home with practical beauty. The 15-1/2 depth provides ample space for plants or decorations. Garden Windows Project 17-1/2 From the outside Wall. The roof panel features laminated safety glass for ultimate durability and protection, and the casement vents crank out easily, making that stretch across the sink no problem at all.


  • Casement vents have a multi-point locking system with dual locking points on heights over 36-3/4
  • E-Gard chemical and corrosive resistant finish on all hardware
  • All exposed areas of the wood jambs are completely covered with vinyl cladding
  • 2-1/2 pre-mitered ranch style pine casing included
  • Wood bracing included for proper installation
  • All Garden Windows project 17-1/2 from outside wall
  • Available in white or almond colors
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