Parker Patio Cover Installation

Enjoying your backyard in the summer time can be difficult. The sun can really get to you in the summer.

Imagine if you had a patio cover to combat the Parker sun.

What is the purpose of a patio cover
A patio cover offers shade from the sun or rain. It can be applied to the front or back of a house. Our suggested patio covers meet all the local Parker building codes and are designed to meet all of your needs.

You can invest with confidence with an Solomon Bros. Roofing installed patio cover. It will be there when you need it most, offering shade, protection against the elements, and added beauty to your home.

What type of patio covers do Parker residents need
Its important to consider your local elements when choosing a patio cover. Additional factors such as associations or townhouse rules should also be considered when choosing the style and type of patio cover. As with most construction situations, permits will most likely be required. Solomon Bros. Roofing will help you get the permits or in some cases get the for you.

Pricing is based off size and material type.

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